Blind Guardian

Circle Of The Bards

The Fanclub seems to be dead...
subscribe at your own risk...
I didn't renew (i.e. paid for) my membership this year...

The Blind Guardian - Fanclub Circle Of The Bards
is run mainly by Kai Karczewski, but our
Four Bards invest pretty much time in it theirselves!

So what do you get if you join us?

Beware: What I'm writing here might be totally wrong,
so please don't flame Kai for anything you expected to receive
but didn't get...

Well, first of all, you'll get some goodies:
sticker(s?) and a bandphoto with autographs.
At least that's what I got back then... you might get something different...

Furthermore you'll receive a regular Newsletter. (throughout the last years
this meant about one per year, but they promised to increase this!

And last but not least you will receive a preview (? pre-hear) - tape
for the new to-be-realeased-soon albums.
(The first time I received one (for Imaginations) it was about
1-3 days before the official release, but the last tape was in
my mailbox over a month before the release of Forgotten Tales.

Ok, so what will it cost you?

For all lucky fans living in Germany it's 50,- DM for the first year
and 20,- DM for each following year

If you are not from Germany your first addmission fee will be 80,- DM
and 30,- DM for each year after.
Well, shipping to non germany costs...

For more information have a look at

the official FC web page
or send a SASE to:

Blind Guardian Fanclub
Circle Of The Bards
c/o Kai Karczewski
Hellkamp 54
20255 Hamburg

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