+ Workshop on Emotion and Computing - Current Research and Future Impact

8th Workshop at KI2015 (cancelled)

The workshop series focuses on the role of affect and emotion in computer systems including the three research areas of emotion recognition, emotion generation (or expression) and emotion modeling, with special attention to AI specific problems and applications. Both shallow and deep models of emotion are in the focus of interest. Because emotional statements are often not formulated in terms of logic, it would be interesting to see how uncertain and vague notions could be used. Emotional or affective computing has drawn a strong interest in various fields from speech synthesis and dialogue systems to virtual reality and robotics. Moreover, gamification, serious games and educational software systems bring up an application context for these techniques. The goal of the workshop is to provide a forum for the presentation of research as well as of existing and future applications and for lively discussions among researchers and industry.

This year the workshop will take place at the KI 2015 at Dresden (September 21st/22nd).


The presented papers should discuss work in progress, theories, architectures as well as applications which are based upon emotional aspects of computing. The contributions of the workshop series come from the following fields: