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About this Information

About this Information

About this Information (under development)

This section discusses the objectives, audience, organization, and conventions of the Internetworking Technology Overview publication.

Document Objectives

This publication provides technical information on internetworking technologies. It is designed for use in conjunction with other materials or as a standalone reference.

The Busses Overview is not intended to provide all possible information on the included technologies. A primary goal of this publication is to help and to assist students at the BA Stuttgart.


The Busses Overview is written for anyone who wants to understand the technologies for busses. It is anticipated that many readers will use information in this publication to assist students during their studies, but others also may find it useful too.

Readers will better understand the material in this publication if they are familiar with busses terminology.

Document Organization

This publication is divided into several parts. Each part is concerned with introductory material or a major area of specific busses technology and comprises chapters describing related tasks or functions.

Document Conventions

In this publication, the following conventions are used:

Note Means reader take note. Notes contain helpful suggestions or references to materials not contained in this manual.

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