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Nützliche Web-Sites

Eine Liste der bekannten Web-Sites.
Entsprechend den Themen der Vorlesungen sind hier einige bekannte Web-Sites aufgeführt.
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Digitale Kommunikation und Netz&Busse

CO210 Computer Networks. University of North London. Includes a detailed set of course notes.
EE 445: Computer Networks and Telecommunications. Cornell. Includes homework problems and exams.
CEN 4500 Computer Network Fundamentals. University of Florida. Includes a useful and detailed set of student-produced lecture notes.
CEN 6505 Computer Network Fundamentals. Also University of Florida.
CSC 8550 - Concepts of Data Communications. At Villanova.
Network Standards and Protocols. University of Washington. Lots of interesting links, plus a detailed lecture outline.
Information Network Design and Analysis (INDA 404). University of Western Australia. Includes interesting protocol simulator.
EEL4781 Introduction to Computer Networks. University of South Florida. The site includes a number of suggested problems plus some good links.
Introduction to Telecommunication systems. Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm. Includes sample exams plus solutions.
CS337: Computer and Data Communications. Rhode Island College.
TLEN 5330 Data Communications I. University of Colorado.
Uni-Stuttgart The Standards Page.Gute Übersicht über Standards

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Nützliche Web-Sites

List of acronyms: A very complete list of acronyms.
Glossary: Basic Glossary on Campus Networks.


Network World: Information and links to resources about data communications and networking
InterNIC Directory and Database: Maintains archives that relate to the Internet and IETF activities. Includes keyword-indexed library of RFCs and draft documents.
Vendors: Links to over 1000 hardware and software vendors who currently have WWW sites, as well as a list of thousands of computer and networking companies in a Phone Directory.
Computer Science Bibliography Collection: A collection of hundreds of bibliographies with hundreds of thousands of references.
IEEE Communications Society: Good way to keep up on conferences, publications, etc. An on-line copy on IPv6.
ACM Special Interest Group on Communications (SIGCOMM): Good way to keep up on conferences, publications, etc
Fat Pipe Information: Links to magazine articles and both vendor and academic white papers on high-speed links and networks. Also links to high-speed vendors and related organizations

Transmission Media

Wireless: Information about wireless technology, products, conferences, and publications.


SONET: SONET Interoperability Forum site. Discusses current projects and technology.

Frame Relay

Frame Relay Forum: The Frame Relay Forum is leading the effort to expand the functionality of frame relay networks.
Frame Relay Resources: Exhaustive source of information on frame relay.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)

ATM Forum: Leading the effort to expand the functionality of ATM networks.
Cell Relay Retreat: Contains archives of the cell-relay mailing list, links to numerous ATM-related documents, and links to many ATM-related web sites.

LAN Technology

LAN site: Links to most important sources of LAN information on the Internet, including all the relevant FAQs.
Wireless LAN Alliance: Gives an introduction to the technology, including a discussion of implementation considerations, and case studies from users. Links to related sites.

LAN Systems

Ethernet: Provides general Ethernet information, technical specifications, an Ethernet reading list, and an image of inventor Robert Metcalf's original 1976 Ethernet drawing.
Alliance for Strategic Token Ring Advancement and Leadership: A vendor organization.
D. Hawley's ISO Ehternet Page
D. Becker's 100Mbps Ethernet
The Netperf Homepage
The Ethernet Page
Fibre Channel Association: An industry consortium.
CERN Fibre Channel homepage: Good source of info on Fibre Channel technology, products, etc.
LAN Interoperability Lab: University of New Hampshire (equipment testing for ATM, FDDI, Fast Ethernet, FDSE, Ethernet, OSPF, Network Management (SNMP), Token Ring, VG-AnyLAN).
Gigabit Ethernet Alliance: Industry consortium promoting Gigabit Ethernet.


IPng: Contains information about IPv6 and related topics.

Network Security

Cryptography, PGP, and Your Privacy: Comprehensive set of links to sites related to cryptography and network security.

Distributed Applications

Network Management Site: Good source of information on SNMP and other network management topics.
World Wide Web Consortium: Contains up-to-date information on HTTP, HTML, and URLs.
ASN.1 web site: contains tutorial information, links to software tools, ASN.1-based applications and products, and standards information.

ISDN and Broadband ISDN

ISDN Information Center: Provided by Open Communication Networks, Inc. Good source of a variety of ISDN-related info.
ISDN Page: Information on ISDN tariffs, standards status, and links to vendors.

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