Prof. Dr. Karl Stroetmann

Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg
Coblitzallee 1-9
68163 Mannheim

Office:     Raum 344B
Phone:    +49 621 4105-1376
Fax:        +49 621 4105-1194
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As I am getting old and wise, I have to accept the limits of my own capabilities. I have condensed these deep philosophical insights into a most beautiful pearl of poetry. I would like to share these humble words of wisdom:
I am a teacher by profession,
mostly really by obsession;
But even though I boldly try,
I just cannot teach pigs to fly.
Instead, I slaughter them and fry.
Any sufficiently advanced poetry is indistinguishable from divine wisdom.
His holiness Pope Hugo Ⅻ.