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The idea that an arbitrary naive human should be able to properly use a given tool without training or understanding is even more wrong for computing than it is for other tools (eg automobiles, airplanes, guns or power saws).

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Freedom of Information on the Net

The internet is one of the biggest experiments in the history of mankind. It allows people from all over the world to associate and communicate freely and without any central control. As a result, the people on the net now form a unique and distinct culture, full of diversity, but based on a common set of values. Prime among this is a strong belief in the freedom of information: Everybody should be able to communicate his thoughts and ideas to the world, freely and without fear of repression.

You may consider to display the blue ribbon as a symbol for freedom of expression on the internet as well as everywhere in the world.

Blue Ribbon
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Russ Allbery has written an excellent statement on the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and on freedom of information on the net, titled Defiantly Free. While not quite current, it sums up the feeling of much of the Net back in 1996. Another interesting (if somewhat pompous) text is John Perry Barlow's Cyberspace Independence Declaration.

Some Words of Wisdom.

"If Windows-95 is the answer, how bloody stupid was the question?"

"Windows-95 is not the answer, it is the question. The answer is NO!"

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