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Research Interests

I am working in the field of automated reasoning. Among my interests are efficient algorithms and intelligent search control for automatic theorem proving. My long-term goal is the integration of high-performance inference mechanism and machine learning techniques to provide a system that can robustly reason in a wide variety of domains.

  1. DHBW Stuttgart

  2. Fakultät Technik

  3. Rotebühlplatz 41

  4. Raum 001

  5. D-70178 Stuttgart



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  9. DHBW Website

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I try to keep all of my papers and other publications online in my hand-curated bibliography. Google Scholar does a better job of keeping my profile page up to date and also computes various indices and citation counts.

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The Theorem Prover E

Many of the results of my research are embodied in E, a theorem prover for full first-order logic with equality. E has performed well in most CASC competitions and has won a number of prizes.

  1. The main E website is at

  2. The development website has detailed information for some papers and work in progress

  3. A short description is on Wikipedia - take it with the usual caution

Scientific Meetings

Current and upcoming:

  1. 3rd AITP (PC Co-Chair)

  2. IJCAR-2018 (PC Co-Chair)

Workshop series I am involved with:

  1. IJCAR Workshops on Practical Aspects of Automated Reasoning (5th PAAR)

  2. Workshops on Empirically Successful Topics in Automated Deduction

  3. International Workshops on the Implementation of Logics (12th lWIL)

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