E is available as a source distribution. I have successfully compiled the prover out of the box under most UNIX versions I could lay hand on, including many versions of Solaris, Linux, MaxOS-X and FreeBSD. To install E, you will need at least tar, gunzip, make, gcc (or another ANSI C compiler), and a reasonable version of ar to build the prover. These tools are usually already installed on or at least available for most UNIX-like systems. E has also been compiled successfully under Windows/Cygwin. The E distribution is free software and is available under the GNU General Public License (currently 2.0).

Some people are kind enough to provide compiled or prepackaged versions of E. If I’m aware of such an offer, I link to it with the corresponding release. If there is no link to pre-build binaries below, check the archive for the older versions (or compile it yourself, which is easy on Linux and MacOS-X).

Jesse Alama packages E for Fink under MacOS-X.

Homebrew has a brew formula for E on MacOS-X.

Jerry James maintains a (now out of date) Yum-package for Fedora Linux.

Vojtěch Aschenbrenner has packaged E for Archlinux.

Downloading E

E 2.3 Gielle is the latest release of E. The main change is the optional support for lambda-free higher-order logic. This definite 2.3 release also features more robust clausification for some large formulas of unusual structure.

    1. The README file.

    2. What's new compared to version 2.2.

    3. The (draft) manual.

    4. The source distribution (~2170 kb).

    5. Various people kindly repackage E - I’ll link to these downloads if and when they become available.

E 2.3 Gielle (2019-03-12)