1. Nearly all of my scientific papers, many of which deal with aspects of E, are available at my bibliography page.

  2. E has an article on Wikipedia.

  3. The TPTP library is used for testing and defines the standards for input and output.

  4. The CADE ATP System Competition (CASC) is a yearly event for the comparison of fully automated theorem provers.

  5. Waldmeister is a theorem prover for unit equality that has pioneered a number of techniques lifted to full first order logic in E.

  6. Vampire is a leading theorem prover for first-order logic.

  7. SPASS is another theorem prover for first-order logic and probably the first high-performance implementation of the Superposition calculus.


If you use E and want to reference it, the latest (short) overview is [Schulz:LPAR-2013].


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